Case Study: Salons By JC Brand Strategy Project

This project required the development of a brand strategy that would allow the rapidly growing franchise to move forward with clear direction and a strategic marketing plan, as well as to help define and capitalize upon opportunities to position the brand as a national leader.

As head of research, I began this project by performing an in-depth assessment, discovery, and evaluation of the brand, including a local and national competitor analysis. Along with this information, my team compiled independent research, industry overviews, and reports from our market databases into our comprehensive discovery and brand analysis book.

I then led a franchisee workshop in which we delved into the brand's strengths, differentiators, purpose, and positioning. We applied these findings to develop a customized guide of best practices featuring our recommended branding and marketing strategies designed to position Salons by JC as the industry leader, elevate the brand’s identity, improve its visual communications, create high quality and consistent brand messaging, improve lead generation for franchisees, and educate prospective tenants on the brand’s salon suite concept/business model.

At the completion of the project, my team and I attended the Salons by JC Owner's Conference. There I had the privilege of presenting an overview of our brand analysis findings and unveiling an in-depth walk through of the Best Practices strategies that we developed for the organization.