Case Study: Stewart & Stevenson Rebrand

I served as project manager and chief copywriter for this complete rebrand project. The task was to modernize and reinvigorate the legacy brand as the diesel and power authority with a customer service mindset. I worked with the strategy and creative team to develop and implement creative, strategic solutions for a variety of challenges.

My team revitalized the organization’s heritage of excellence and innovation through a set of clearly defined and developed brand strategies. I led and/or heavily participated in the following initiatives:

Brand Strategy & Positioning

I led a series of executive leadership workshops to uncover company differentiators and define the purpose and values that drive the organization. We strategically positioned Stewart & Stevenson as the brand behind the products of diesel and power. We placed specific focus on 1) building credibility and trust, and 2) raising the brand’s perceived value so that it can be recognized as the diesel authority and global innovator.

Consumer Modeling

We worked with our AI-enabled services partner to harness the power of AI, IBM Watson, and NLP technology to scour websites, blogs, reviews and forums, social conversations, and online discussions to extract powerfully informative consumer data. With this data, I led the team in identifying high value segments, unarticulated needs, and compensating behaviors. This formed the foundational insights for highly effective brand, marketing, messaging, and campaign strategies. I developed a comprehensive buyer persona profiles for the following consumer categories: Oil & Gas, Marine, On-Highway, Power Generation, Construction & Industrial.

Education in the Marketplace

We developed and incorporated a strategic “We Empower Industry” Brand Awareness Campaign to establish the brand as the diesel authority driven by high standards, innovation, and longevity that manufactures, distributes, rents, and services top quality products. This strategy permeates throughout all online and offline channels and includes specific goals for each audience segment.

Brand Messaging

I led the team in developing appropriate brand messaging and statements that integrated the brand’s story and educational strategy in specific ways, designed to speak to and align with each of the target audience segments. With AI technology, we aimed to learn precisely how to engage these groups. The intention was to build the brand to attract, engage, and assist each of the different segments, and augment the brand’s position as a recognized and appreciated market leader.